For Love of Light and Shadow

Welcome to the very first page in my ‘Art Journal’ which lives here on my brand new website!  Wow, what a journey this has been, into my vulnerability and out the other side again, to take a public and professional approach with my art.  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m pretty nervous!

I have been wanting to create an online space for my art for such a long time and it is so exciting that it is finally here and that I have a dedicated space to talk about my art-making adventures.  Ironically, this has meant less time painting and more time in front of the computer, but now I’m up and running, I’m so excited to be putting brush to canvas again.

I wanted to kick things off with a review of a body of work that I began work on back when the sun was shining on my front verandah. I have a special love for dappled light, especially as it filters through a tree canopy.  It always makes me feel so dreamy and a bit blissy.


So I settled in on my verandah studio in the late summer and let the magic of the light and shadow plays around me enter my work.


I became a little obsessed.  I began to drag increasingly larger canvases outside, underneath trees, to observe the way that light fell on them and trying to capture the ethereal effect of light filtered through a tree canopy.  I got right into the whites, beiges, yellows and subtle metallics, trying to capture the luminous qualities of flickering light.


I also became quite entranced with the shadows cast throughout my garden and started to capture their silhouettes on these canvases, over the subtle background impressions created from the dappled light inspiration.


Here are some of the results.  I’m still feeling into which are complete and what else some of them might be asking for.  Knowing when a painting is done is something I always find challenging.  So they are sitting on ice while I wait and see, perhaps until the light appears again for a new summer, who knows, I would love to know your thoughts.


Suse x
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