miraculous images

Art has been used for thousands of years as a vehicle to express the divine and function as a focus of devotional activities such as prayer and meditation.

My time as a post-graduate student was spent studying miraculous images and the cults that develop around them.  There are literally millions of accounts throughout numerous cultures attributing miracles to sacred images.  It is a subject that has always held fascination for me and has become a particular focus in my my own art and meditation practices.

My ‘Miraculous Images’ are commission pieces created specifically for individuals according to their own sacred needs.  I work intimately with clients in conceiving the creation of their Miraculous Image and the intention it wishes to embody. I work in an intuitive and guided manner, with a lit candle and sacred intention every time I pick up a brush.  To me the very act of creating a Miraculous Image is sacred in itself and one of the most cherished aspects of my art practice.

Miraculous Images frequently have sacred objects such as crushed crystals and pressed plant material embedded in their surface.  They often contain gold or sliver leaf.  But in each case, they are entirely individual and made with special attention on what the client would like to do with the work and their personal aesthetic desires.

Please feel free to make email me and make a time to have a chat about what is involved in having a Miraculous Image created especially for you.

Haylea’s Miraclous Image. 2016

Liz’s Miraculous Imager. 2015


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